Managing content

  1. In your Drupal menu, go to Manage site > Manage content
  2. The listing shows all content. Using the Type content you are searching for, this filters the results to show only specific results. Select whether the content is published or unpublished or leave as if you are unsure. Choose the status or type from the drop-down. For example, if you are looking to list all pages, select pages from the type drop-down.
  3. Click Apply. (In the example above, this produces a listing of all ‘pages’ in the system).
  4. If you now wish to filter again (say you have done a search for type news and now want to see only unpublished news) you can now do another filter remove/edit the fields and click apply. This is useful to drill down into the listing.

To perform bulk operations, you can click beside the content and either, delete, publish or unpublished content. Select the content and click Execute. Please note, deleting content cannot be undone.

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