The course (half marathon) is definitely the best run course in Sydney. The course wasn't too congested either. A very enjoyable event to run in. - Stuart Wood

The professionalism of staff and volunteers. They made my day. Overall, very well done to all of your team and sponsors. - Dejan Mujkanovic

Running with my 6 year old son for the first time in a Family Fun Run. I'm used to running events by myself and it was great to share this event with my son and hopefully ignite a passion for doing more runs together. - Sharon McCaffery

I love this event! I ran my first half marathon at this event in 2006 and then ran my first marathon at this event in 2009. I have used this event as an opportunity to fundraise for my chosen charity every year. I am an avid runner and complete a number of events each year. This is the only event that I participate in for the purpose of fundraising. This year I got to run the half marathon with a close friend and help pace her to a new PB. We then spent the remainder of the morning at one of the cafes along Circular Quay cheering the marathon runners to the finish. The highlight of my Blackmores Sydney Running Festival experience was the camaraderie. It really is a fantastic event that brings people together. - Lise Lafferty

How well organized the start was and the consideration of other runners. People seemed to take care to start in the right place so I had a great, clear run. There was no pushing, shoving, being held up by slower groups of runners, forcing you to duck and weave around them and no being knocked about by faster runners trying to push through. The three start groups and having pacers from Sydney Striders was excellent. - Kaye Johnson<

The atmosphere is great, the route is the most scenic available and the volunteers are all extremely friendly and helpful. I ran the half marathon last year and the 9km with a friend this year and it ranks as my favourite event on the running calendar. My highlight was seeing a couple of guys on the bridge who had started in wheelchairs but were walking over the bridge with help from their carers/friends. It was so touching and inspiring and was the definite highlight of the day. - Kylie Cook

I actually really liked everything! The carnival atmosphere was exciting, the course was beautiful, the weather was perfect. It was pretty hard to fault, and the small things I've drawn your attention to in this survey didn't really detract from my overall enjoyment of the event. Basically I bloody loved it! - Brad Jones

I was extremely impressed by the organisation friendliness and efficient staff  and wonderful course. - Anonymous

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