Blue Line Legends

The organisers of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival would like to congratulate a very special group of dedicated runners who were inducted into the Blue Line Legends club in 2012, as the only participants to have completed every single Blackmores Sydney Marathon since its inception in 2001 (until 2012), completing the first 10 Sydney Marathon's.

These dedicated harriers reflect the spirit, perseverance and dedication that makes marathon running such a unique and special accomplishment. Year after year, these runners overcome the greatest individual endurance challenge - completing a marathon and still participate yearly! We take our hat off to you all! Congratulations.

Blue Line Legends
Name Sydney Marathons Complete
Paul Carmody 2001 - 2016
Grant Deitch 2001 - 2017
Bob Fickel 2001 - 2017
Ray James 2001 - 2017
Rick Patzold 2001 - 2017
Rod Saville 2001 - 2017
Eric Schmierer 2001 - 2017
Jo Tebbutt 2001 - 2017
Graham Wye 2001 - 2017

Event organisers will be acknowledging those runners who have completed 10 or more Sydney Marathons as part of the Bridge Club. If you have completed, or are approaching your 10th Sydney Marathon, please contact us. Please include your results (certificates if applicable) for your previous Sydney Marathons.

Submissions for this year’s Bridge Run Club will close on Thursday 26 July 2018.

Please note: The Blue Line Legends is an independent title separate to the Bridge Club, and acknowledges those who have completed every Sydney Marathon, consecutively, from the start of the inception of the Sydney Marathon till last completed Sydney Marathon. The Bridge  Club is only for those who have, inconsecutively, completed 10 years or more.

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