Blackmores Half Marathon - Redirection Points

We are under strict directions from NSW Police and the RMS to ensure the total time set for each event is adhered to in order to re-open roads. We must implement a series of cut-off points and redirections to ensure that the slowest runners don’t impede on our road re-opening schedule.

Will this impact me?

There are various cut-off and redirection points along the course. If a participant fails to reach the designated point by the time indicated they will be given the option of pulling out or continuing by being redirected on a section of the course. Anyone who takes the ‘redirection’ option will have their number marked and will not be regarded as an official finisher.

Start window

Each event is allocated a start window, which is a specific period of time when runners must cross the start line within. For the Half Marathon, the Start Window is 20 minutes. No one will be permitted to cross the start line after 6.20am (unless the race director delays the start). Any crosses the start after the start window will be disqualified.

Tail control & tail pick-up

A tail vehicle controls the event cut-off time and event officials will be located at each of the designated cut-off and redirection points noted below. Participants must follow the directions of event staff at all times and failure to do so will mean immediate disqualification and may prevent participants being allowed entry in future years.

The tail vehicle marshals will issue late timing warnings to runners throughout the course to help you manage your pace and meet cut-off times. Any runner who is behind the official cut-off time at the cut-off point(s) may be asked to leave the course or take a redirection.

For further cut-off details and redirection points click here >>

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