Access and Inclusion

Entry Details

Any participants wishing to participate in an everyday wheelchair or with a pram are asked to enter into the C-Wave start group. Everyday wheelchairs are not permitted in any other start group.

Please note, race wheelchairs are not permitted unless the athlete has qualified for the Elite Wheelchair Marathon Athlete division. Race wheelchairs cannot be used in any other start group.

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival accepts companion cards for participants who require the assistance of a companion carer. A second entry ticket may be issued at no extra cost to the Companion Card holder. Please contact us at for more information.

Race Bib Collection

The ASICS Expo and Race Bib Collection is located at Lower Town Hall. The accessible entrance to the building is via the Druitt street entrance (opposite the Queen Victoria Building). If you require assistance when visiting the building, please contact us to discuss your requirements on 02 9265 9282.

Course Map

Each event course is accessible to participants who are registered and wearing the bib for the corresponding course (e.g. Marathon, Bridge Run).

Accessible Toilets are available at each drink station on the Bridge and Family Fun Run. Please refer to the course maps for the specific location.

Getting There

Drop Off Point

Participants requiring access to the C-Wave or Elite Wheelchair Athlete start groups can be dropped off on Jeffery St, Milson Point where it is safe to do so. Please refer to the below map which highlights the vehicular route to Jeffery St. Please be aware of extensive road closures (

From here, access to the start is only a short 50m walk to west along Fitzroy St.

Public Transport


The closest accessible station to the start is Milsons Point Station on the T1 North Shore Line or T9 Northern Line.

  • From Milsons Point Station, take the lift to and exit via Ennis St
  • Turn right onto Broughton St and follow it down to the Start venue in Bradfield Park.
  • Access into C Group is at the corner of Fitzroy St and Broughton St


  • The closest bus stop to the start is North Sydney Station. Catch a train from here to Milsons Point Station
  • The majority of local bus services in NSW are accessible. Use Trip Planner at to plan an accessible trip. On printed bus timetables, look for the wheelchair symbol or the letter ‘a’ for accessible.
  • Guests requiring accessibility services or who have limited mobility are strongly encouraged to allow extra time. Buses are expected to be in demand with limited capacity and may experience delays due to event road closures.

For more detailed information, visit the transport information page

Getting Home

Pick up Point

Unfortunately, due to the extensive road closures in place there is no accessible pick up location near the finish line.

Please review the road closure map or visit to identify a suitable pick up location that avoids the extensive road closures.

Public Transport


The nearest stations to the finish are Circular Quay Wynyard, and Martin Place Stations.

For more detailed information, visit the transport information page

Start, Finish, and Recovery Venue Map

All venues at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival have been carefully designed to ensure they are designed to be accessible to all patrons. Within each venue, one or more accessible toilet(s) will be present at each toilet location.

If you require further information, please reach out to our staff who can assist participants with access requirements to plan their journey to and from the event. Contact us at

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