Course FAQs

Where can I find a combined course map with all four distances?
Click here for a combined course map >>. 2016 course are subject to change.

Are the courses certified?
The Blackmores Sydney Marathon and Blackmores Half Marathon courses are AIMS Certified accurate courses. The shorter courses are not certified but approximate distances.

All events however are run under IAAF rules.

Blackmores Sydney Marathon – 42.195km
Blackmores Half Marathon – 21.0957km
Blackmores Bridge Run – 9km (approx.)
Blackmores Family Fun Run – 3.9km (approx.)

What will I find along the course?

Drink stations will be found throughout all courses except the Blackmores Family Fun Run and at the finish line for all entrants. At each drink station there will be water. Portable toilets can be found at every drink station, please see the event pages for exact locationsBoth Blackmores Half Marathon and Blackmores Sydney Marathon participants will have access to IsoWhey Sport the Official Electrolyte drink at some drink stations (indicated on the course maps). GU Gels are only available for Sydney Marathon participants at selected drinks station. Kilometre markings will be placed at every 1km on course.

Will medical support be available along the course?
St John Ambulance teams will be located on all courses at various locations. If you are feeling unwell please report to the nearest official (who will have a radio) or medical personnel as soon as possible. If you see any fellow participant in distress, please report the incident to nearest official or St John Ambulance team member. If it is an emergency please dial “000” and report the exact location of the incident.

Is the marathon course fast and suitable for a personal best?
Course changes in 2010 were well received by the running community resulting in a faster, more scenic and spectator friendly course.

Will there be a finish line drink station and are there any special arrangements for the marathon?
A designated marathon only refreshment station will be located after the finish line. An additional drink station will be located in the Recovery Village.

What is the official electrolyte drink & gel?

IsoWhey sport is the Official Electrolyte drink. GU Energy Gel is the Official Gel and will only be available at selected refreshment stations along the Marathon course (GUIsoWhey Sport and water). For the Half Marathon (IsoWhey Sport and water only).

IsoWhey® Sports Electrolyte Formula
The Official Sports Drink of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

The ultimate sports rehydration formula - coconut water with a specific electrolyte composition and UltraMag® a unique blend of magnesium chelates.

This formula assists with rapid replacement of fluid and electrolytes and supports energy, stamina and endurance. IsoWhey Sports Electrolyte Formula also assists in relieving muscular aches and pains and in preventing muscular cramps and spasms.

Coconut water is a naturally rich source of electrolytes potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, vitamin C, B6, folate, iron and phosphorus. ISOWHEYSPORTS.COM.AU

Always read the label, use only as directed. | AUST L 220006

Will there be pace makers/pace setters and how will I identify them?
To assist you in achieving your personal best, pacemakers will be provided by Sydney Striders in both the Blackmores Sydney Marathon and Blackmores Half Marathon. Make sure you listen to the PA announcements on event morning as to the location of your pacemaker. Each pacemaker will be holding a coloured flag and will wear an identifiable "Sydney Striders" green and white singlet. The pace time will be marked on the back of the singlet as well as the flag.

Can I have my own personal refreshments?
Personal refreshments are available for ELITE Marathon runners only. Personal refreshments must be handed in to the ASICS Event Expo between 8am – 2pm on Saturday 17 September 2016 ONLY and will be placed at Drink Stations marked by you on each bottle. Drinks cannot be left outside of these times. 

Can I run with an iPod or other music device?
While the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival discourages the use of iPods or other personal music devices, we do not impose a ban on wearing headphones on course. The use of headphones can impede an individual’s ability to hear marshals or other course officials. Participants who choose to wear headphones on course do so at their own risk and must pay attention to officials and other participants throughout their event.

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